Closed for Social Distancing

Dear Friends & Neighbors, 
This was not an easy decision to make but All Souls will be erring on the side of caution and will be closed for the immediate future. We will evaluate this decision next week as the situation evolves. 
We struggled between not wanting to over-react or under-react but the decision was finally easier to make when we remembered we’re a bar. The very thing we do is bring people together and right now that seems like a bad idea, especially with booze involved. Please be careful out there. If we all take this seriously and practice social distancing, hopefully, we’re getting back to normal sooner rather than later. 
In the meantime, we’ll be taking care of our staff as best we can as we weather this storm. If you’re able, do your part to support the ones who are still providing valuable services. Order delivery from restaurants, pick up gift cards from shops, boutiques, salons, etc. Don’t hoard things. Be smart so we don’t freak out the hospitals.
Thanks for your support and understanding as we all get through these difficult times.
All Souls